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bacteria may be friendly and unfriendly ....

A gnome is both a symbol and a concept.  Conceptually it is the  spirit being of all that is microscopic  - micro-organisms – but excluding viruses [see Goblin].  But symbolically a gnome is the personification of these systems of very small living organisms.


Gnomes potentially control vast kingdoms.  In 1976, Carl Woese of the University of Illinois grouped living things into three principal categories.

  • Bacteria – cyanobacteria, purple bacteria, gram positive bacteria, green non sulphur bacteria, flavobacteria and thermotogales,
  • Archaea – halophilic archaeons, methanosarcina, methanobacterium, methanococcus, thermoceles, thermoproteus and pyrodictium,
  • Eukarya – diplomads, microsporidia, trichomonads, flagellates, entameba, slimemoulds, ciliates, plants, fungi and animals.

If you see a gnome in your dreams, for example, it might be your Higher spirit trying to let you know you have caught a bacterial infection.  The nastier the gnome, the nastier the infection!


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