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Introduction and description

Gripp-Heel is a homeopathic remedy taken – as all homeopathic remedies are – in tiny tiny tiny doses to relieve cold and flu symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, mild fever, etc. It significantly reduces the duration and severity of symptoms during an infection. This incidentally is not a marketing claim, it has scientific backing.  It has been on the international market for over 35 years.

It stimulates the non-specific defense system (immunomodulator) and is effective for both viral and bacterial infections, and can be used at the first signs of infection or after the onset of symptoms. It has no known side effects (such as drowsiness) or contraindications. It can also be combined with other natural medications and does not proscribe alcohol intake as with certain cold remedies. The ingredients are plants - Eupatorium perfoliatum D3 30 mg; Aconitum napellus D4 120 mg; Bryonia D4 60 mg; Phosphorus D5 30 mg; Lachesis mutus D12 60 mg..


Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle meticulously

How it works

No one knows, as yet, because the analysis of the plants it contains have not been analysed



Non intrusive



Not regulated so the preparations do not have a standard accepted formula

Too easy to overdose in any culture that equates more [overdose] with better


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