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Wells, H G - The Undying Fire



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H G Wells – The Undying Fire

But the chess they play is not the little ingenious game that originated in India, it is on an altogether different scale.  The Ruler of the Universe creates the board, the pieces and the rules; he makes all the moves, he may make as many moves as he likes whenever he likes; his antagonist, however, is permitted to introduce a slight inexplicable inaccuracy in each move, which necessitates further moves in correction.

The Creator determines and conceals the aim of the game, and it is never clear whether the purpose of the adversary is to defeat or assist him in his unfathomable project.

Apparently the adversary cannot win, but also he cannot lose so long as he can keep the game going.  But he is concerned, it would seem, in preventing the development of any reasoned scheme in the game.

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Wells, H G

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