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Uxmal - Mayan - Governor's Palace



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"This masterpiece of the Puuc style is composed of 3 wings connected by 2 corbelled vaults.  It sits on an enormous artificial terrace about 50 foot above the plaza and is over 100 yards long.  Despite the complexity of its frieze with thousands of small cut stones fitted into a mosaic of lattices and other geometric designs, chac masks and serpents, the whole is remarkably harmonious.  The central door lined up with the jaguar throne and uncarved column or 'phallus' on the terrace and was used for sighting the exact point of Venus rising above the principle pyramid at the nearby site of Nohpat.  Lord Chac, the headless figure above the door is believed to have resided in the palace.  He is surrounded by a feathered crown or headdress and nine levels diminishing in size".

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