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Paul Devereux – Callanish, Duloe and quartz



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Paul Devereux – Sacred Sites

Virtually all the stones of the Callanish main site and some others of the Callanish group on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland contain crystals of one kind or another – quartz, feldspar or horn blende.  We would probably be wrong to assume the megalith builders simply wanted pretty decorative material … it is far more likely that such .. characteristics of stones were seen as providing special properties e.g. supernatural power.
Quartz is the most common mineral on Earth but that does not detract from its magical hypnotic qualities.  It was widely associated with shamanism, where it was accredited with supernatural power.  ….. we  can readily see that it exerted a similar fascination for the megalithic builders.  Duloe, a stone circle in Cornwall is made up entirely of massive pillars of white quartz.
Other examples of quartz use occur in Boscawen-un in Ireland; Gavrinis in France; Newgrange in Ireland; Loughcrew in Ireland; Norway, South Eastern California where quartz was brought to the site; Corn Spring California and Balch camp Nevada which incorporate a quartz vein.……………….

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