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Manic depression and its causes in the elderly



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Vitamin B12 deficiency is covered in the section on Vitamin B12.

A hematoma or haematoma, is a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels

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Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2010;154:A1235.  [First manic episode in the elderly--consider a subdural haematoma due to head trauma as cause].[Article in Dutch]  Marijnissen RM, Bakker M, Stek ML

A manic episode in old age presents a diagnostic challenge to the clinician due to the different symptomatology often difficult to distinguish from delirium, dementia, agitated depression and psychosis.

To complicate matters further, a first episode of mania in later life is very often based on underlying physical and cerebral pathology ('secondary mania').

Many causes of 'secondary mania', including neurological, systemic or endocrine diseases, infections, intoxications, apnoea, post-thoracic surgery and vitamin B12 deficiency have been described to date, but there have been no reports on subdural haematomas in this context. However, the elderly are more prone to subdural haematomas following head trauma than younger patients.

We present two case reports of older patients with a first manic episode in later life probably caused by subdural haematomas. A first episode of mania in later life always requires thorough assessment of the patient to determine physical and cerebral pathology.

PMID: 20456795

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