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Citation:   Manda. "Relaxed and Light: An Experience with Cannabis (ID 8542)". Erowid.org. May 2, 2004. erowid.org/exp/8542

Well, I figured I'd write this down in here too while I'm here and high both at once.

I started smoking the wacky tobaccy the summer after freshman year.

I remember Maggie filled up a bong with stems she had left over and told me to smoke it, showed me how and said that it wouldn't get me high but it would put thc in my system so i'd get really baked the real time i do it.
but as i was walking home from her house, I began to feel as though the street was rising and I was walking upwards.

Now i feel like im floating and letting my body come down a bit from the air so that i can type on the keyboard. or something real nice like that.
I notice that even though i ponder things when im not high, that's it's nothing unusual for me, its easier for me to do it right now, and my thoughts flow easily, they just click and connect like a puzzle.
i guess the brain power must shift from all the parts of the brain to specific spots....like from the part that governs memory to the part that governs thought processes. I dunno.

Sometimes I actualy become aroused when I smoke weed, which is odd. When one thinks of marijuana one does not think of being horny.

I get the munchies bad. I eat everything in the house. Like I can't get full and my stomach is rumbling. I think if you have cancer or aids or some other chronic (no pun intended) disease that depletes your hunger and makes you underweight, this can be a good thing, along with the pain relief.

For me, I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which is an anxiety disorder where I can't quite worrying about stupid things no matter what anyone tells me, like if i am afraid that my hands have germs on them, and i freak out, yet I know it's not possible, the fear and such is so strong that i cant ignore it and wont believe my own mind.

So when I smoke, I feel relaxed and light, and thinking about my fear just doesn't process in my mind, because it's too filled with the goodness of the leafy greens.

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