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Cancer and potato defoliation



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slightly shortened to emphasise their findings

If you avoid these 'non organic' potatoes then you have effectively performed a preventative action - which is 'healing'


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Pesticides and mortality from hormone-dependent cancers. Janssens JP, Van Hecke E, Geys H, Bruckers L, Renard D, Molenberghs G. European Cancer Prevention Organization, Limburgs Universitair Centrum, Belgium. PMID: 11711761 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are considered to be a possible cause of hormone-dependent cancers. In areas of high exposure to pesticides, people are concerned about the long lasting toxicity of pesticides, some of which are possibly hormonally active. …..Apart from use of defoliants and potato cultivation, however, no consistent correlation was detected between crops, pesticides and mortality from breast and prostate cancer. …... the increased mortality due to breast cancer and to a lesser extent due to prostate cancer in traditional potato-growing areas needs attention and more research.

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