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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - Inner and Outward courts and the abyss



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This statement confirms John Pordage's view that an abyss separates the four elements from the inner court and inward court

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Jacob Boehme – Aurora – Chapter 19

34  Therefore there is a strong firmament or enclosure between the outermost birth or geniture of the upper heaven and that of this world; for the firmament between them is death, which ruleth and reigneth everywhere in the outermost birth in this world, and this world is so bolted up therewith that the outermost birth of the upper heaven cannot come into the outermost birth of this world; there is a great cleft or gulf between them.  Therefore in our outermost birth or geniture we cannot see the angels, neither can the angels dwell with us in the outermost birth of the world; but in the innermost they dwell with us.

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Boehme, Jacob

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