Symbols - What does heaven look like


There appears to be no common symbolic meaning for a pencil.  Occasionally it simply signifies the need to record or write down the results of an experience - thus it is used as a hint that things in the experience need to be carefully noted.

I have also come across examples where the pencil is used like an obelisk symbolically, in effect, it becomes yet another symbol for a cone.  This symbolism applies when the pencil is on its end, in this case it implies a cone of great ‘height’ meaning that it is nearer the centre symbolically.  The 'lead' [core] in the pencil is then symbolically the spine [like the volcano with its core].  The wood of the pencil ties it in symbolically with a tree!

If the symbolism of the material of the core seems important [in that the experience puts emphasis on this] it ties in with the Intelligences and their synonyms and indicates the level reached.  The colour of the core is also a clue. 


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