Symbols - What does heaven look like


The simple word ‘crooked’ when applied to an object such as a road or branch of a tree, without any symbolism, means winding, sinuous,  spiral, or twisted.  

 It derives from the word ‘crook’ which is the hooked part of anything.  Thus symbolically we can see that crooked is linked to energy flows – the spiral, the kundalini experience, the whirlwind, the whirlpool and so on.  All energy which turns and twists might be termed crooked and a ‘crooked man’ was one likely to be rather full of active spiritual energy.

Symbolically, therefore, crooked is related to objects like the Shepherd’s crook or the crosier of a bishop or abbot.

Rather intriguingly the word when applied to a person took on the meaning of someone who was tricky, fraudulent, knavish or unscrupulous – all words used in the superstitious days of real magic to describe a magician.  A sorcerer [an evil magician] might be termed crooked.


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