Symbols - What does heaven look like


The Smith is symbolically the Creator, thus anyone with the job of a Smith or Blacksmith was, in effect, a Co-creator.

The Creator forged the world using symbolic Fire.  The blacksmith was someone who handled fire on a physical basis in order to create, so again there was a symbolic link.

Smiths are also by their nature able to work metals.  But symbolically Metals also have a meaning.  So symbolically the Smith was not a worker of physical metals, he or she was a spiritual teacher able to help people along the spiritual path. 

A blacksmith or smith could also be a shaman who obtained spiritual experience via Sexual stimulation, Sex magick or Making love

The lungs were then symbolically the bellows.

The hammer or mallet was the penis and balls. The hammer’s handle was the spine.

The anvil was the woman with the spine and coccyx.


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