Flying [small] airplanes

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Introduction and description

Flying airplanes, being the pilot, has produced an inordinate number of hallucinations, visions and other equally alarming experiences [given the dangers].  The reasons why these experiences occur, however, can be varied. 

It can be due to a lack of sleep [sleep deprivation] even alcohol abuse, or antihistamine use, but what is often overlooked are the effects of the oxygen deprivation [hypoxia], the enormous amount of stimulation that occurs from the vibration of the plane itself [stimulation via resonance which can resonate various organs in the brain] and the added effect of staring for long periods at a single colour – the blue blue sky [suppressing learning].  Some fighter pilots may also get hallucinations from GLOC which has its own entry.  There is also a high contribution from various forms of sensory deprivation.

In wartime, there is also a very strong contribution from overwhelming fear and terror.

There may also be a contribution from the location of the plane – near volcanoes, near high velocity winds, near geomagnetic hot spots – all of which would work via stimulation via resonance , although the geomagnetic hot spots would work by electrical stimulation, the others via infrasound.  A huge number of possibilities thus exist.  Mt Rainier causes high winds [turbulence] and is a geomagnetic hot spot being in a fault line.

How it works

Any one or a combination of the activities described above.

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