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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Tweedale, Reverend Charles – The death of Mrs. Mary Burnett



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 3


Comment by Professor Ernest Bozzano

The narrator is mistaken when he says that the exhibited phenomenon appears different from all others of this kind. It is only true that the phases are different, especially when we observe the fluidic ebb and flow:

This episode never takes place in the same way in the dying near whom we observe it, since in this case, the fluidic emission depends on a multitude of causes.

The main ones are the physical-psychological idiosyncrasies specific to each individual, combined with the nature of the disease and the type of death to which they succumb. As for the phenomenon itself, there can be no change, since we deal here with the fact that during the crisis of death something fluidic, substantial and vital is released from the human body, which rarely materializes in a luminous globe, outside of which the "sensitives" see nothing ("mental body" of theosophists), while in the vast majority of cases the "sensitives" assist in the reintegration of the etheric body into its vivified and animated human form.

A description of the experience

Light (1921, p. 551).
Also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

The rapporteur is Rev. Charles L. Tweedale, the author of the book: Man's Survival after Death  He writes:

"Two weeks ago, on July 29, 1921, my wife's mother, Mrs. Mary Burnett, died after a short illness.

On the night of July 28-29, my wife, daughter and a friend, Mrs. Proud, were attending the dying woman. At midnight, the room was brightly lit by a good lamp, and the patient was in a coma. Suddenly, my daughter Marjorie saw a kind of grey condense vapour floating above the body of the dying woman, similar to the smoke of a cigarette, that had concentrated at that point. It had a diameter of 3 or 4 inches and floated almost 4 inches from the blankets in the middle of the patient's body.

Amazed by what she saw, my daughter drew the attention of my wife and Mrs. Proud to this fact, who, in their turn, saw and observed the strange phenomenon with great attention. This cloud grew slowly, to the point of reaching the proportions of a large table dish (this is the comparison made). Then, to everyone's growing amazement, the upper part of the cloud lit up and turned bright red.

And so it remained, suspended in the air, in the form of a disc, always at the same distance from the body of the dying woman. After that, still to the growing amazement of the three viewers, a magnificent luminous halo began to form around Mrs. Burnett's body. At first, it appeared white, but gradually thickened and turned into a bright red hue, a hue that contrasted extraordinarily with the whiteness of the pillows. It flew almost 3 inches over the head and was about 4 inches thick. The red colour appeared bright on the outside, while on the inside edge it was paler and more transparent. In addition, on the outer edge, it appeared to have the appearance of saw teeth, although formed by a compact cluster of flames.

When the halo was finally formed, another red light began to appear around the eyes of the dying woman, who was still in a coma. Then it went down and surrounded the nose and mouth. At the same time, the disc above the abdomen continued to float, and the whole thing remained visible for more than twenty minutes, during which the spectators were able to observe the phenomenon very easily. My wife closed her eyes and noticed that, with her eyelids closed, she could not see anything, proof that it was indeed an objective phenomenon. This was already demonstrated by the fact that three witnesses were able to observe it....

My wife first thought she was witnessing the emission of the aura in the dying woman, but as the phenomenon unfolded, she convinced herself that it must be the "etheric body", which seemed to condense gradually as the fluids came out of the "carnal body", visible to human eyes in the centers of condensation.

Mrs. Burnett died 16 hours later. All this time, she remained unconscious. It was only in the moment of death that she once pronounced my wife's name.

All three witnesses to the phenomenon have signed this report. They unanimously stated that they were sure of what they saw. There is no doubt that the phenomenon is of extraordinary interest, it differs from other such facts brought to my attention." (Signed: Rev. Charles L. Tweedale).

The source of the experience

Tweedale, Reverend Charles Lakeman

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