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Tree, Isabella - Wilding - We are suffering from nutritional deprivation



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There are, strange though it might sound, links between obesity and nutritional deprivation.  That we subconsciously know the food is inadequate and eat more in order to get the nutrients.  But the amount eaten is simply excessive, so we become obese.

This quote provided background on how impoverished our soils had become from intensive farming.  Using artificial fertilisers and no crop rotation instead of natural fertilisation and soil improvement using grazing by ruminants of meadowland.

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From Wilding - the return of nature to a British farm – Isabella Tree

A study in Britain using nutrient data from 1930 to 1980 found that in twenty vegetables

·        The average calcium content had declined 19 %

·        Iron had declined 22%

·        Potassium had declined 14%.

Another study, analysing data from the Composition of Foods, a reference manual published by the UK government biochemists every few years, identified that during the period 1949 – 1991:

  • Potatoes had lost 47% of their copper, 45% of their iron and 35% of their calcium
  • Carrots -  the declines for carrots were greater still.
  • Broccoli considered a superfood rich in micronutrients and antioxidants – suffered an 80% drop in copper, with the calcium content a quarter of what it was in 1940.
  • Tomatoes - The same was true for tomatoes. We would have needed to eat ten or more tomatoes in 1991 to receive the same amount of copper as we would have derived from one tomato in 1940.

Yet another study calculated we have to eat eight oranges today to receive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents did from eating one.

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Tree, Isabella

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