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The Ceasing of Notions – 26 Emmon at last understands



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The Higher spirit is out of time, so there can be no cause and effect.

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The Ceasing of Notions


Emmon: "What does it mean that all things are the Buddhadharma?"

Master Nyuri: "Whether things or not things, all are the Buddhadharma."


Emmon: "What is called 'thing' what 'no-thing' and what 'neither thing nor no-thing'?"

Master Nyuri: "What 'is' is called 'thing' what 'is not' is called 'no-thing'; and what is not encompassed by either 'is' or 'is not' is called 'neither thing nor no-thing."'


Emmon: "Who verifies this statement ?"

Master Nyuri: "This statement is without who; why should you ask for it to be verified?"


Emmon: "If there is no one, who then states what?"

Master Nyuri: "No who, no statement – that is the true statement"


Emmon: "What then would be called a false statement?"

Master Nyuri: "The notion that there is something to state."


Emmon: "If this is being caught in thought, what then is no-thought?"

Master Nyuri: "Thought is but a word.  Since words themselves are without any substance, thought too is empty."


Emmon: "If this accords with the teachings, then all sentient beings are from the beginning already enlightened tathagatas"

Master Nyuri: "Since there are no bonds, how can there be liberated beings?"


Emmon: "What is the name of this Dharma?"

Master Nyuri: "There is no Dharma – even less a name."


Emmon: "If this is the teaching, I fail to understand it."

Master Nyuri: "Truly there is no teaching to be understood.  Do not seek for understanding."


Emmon: "And in the end, what?"

Master Nyuri: "No beginning and no end."


Emmon: "Then is there no cause and effect either?"

Master Nyuri: "Without beginning there is no end."


Emmon: "How can this teaching then be verified?"

Master Nyuri: "Truth is not something that needs to be verified."


Emmon: "And how is it to be known and seen?"

Master Nyuri: "By knowing the suchness of all things – by seeing the equality of all things."


Emmon: "What heart knows?  What eye sees?"

Master Nyuri: "The knowing of not-knowing, the seeing of not seeing."


Emmon: "Who makes this statement?"

Master Nyuri: "This is what I ask myself too."


Emmon: "What do you mean by ‘this is what I ask myself too?"

Master Nyuri: "If you ponder your own question, the answer will arise of itself."


At this Emmon fell silent and pondered deeply

Master Nyuri: "Have you nothing more to say?"


Emmon: "I do not see one single thing, not even the tiniest speck of dust.  There is nothing more to be said."

Master Nyuri: "It seems that now you have glimpsed the principle of truth."

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