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The Ceasing of Notions – 04 Finding the Way



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The Ceasing of Notions [or the Treatise on the Transcendence of Cognition]

16.  Emmon:  'As for the seekers of the Way, does one attain it or do many find it?  Does one individually attain it, or is its attainment common to all?  Is it originally inherent in all human beings, or is it attained only by training?

Master Nyuri:  'All your assumptions are false.  Why? 

If the Way were but the attainment of one person, it would not be universal.  And it is were the attainment of many, it would become exhausted.

Further, if its attainment were individual, it would be a question of numbers.  And if it were common to all, there would be no use for practise.

If all had it from the beginning, then the ten thousand practices would be futile.  And if one could attain it after completion of the training, it would be artificial and would not be the truth'.


17.  Emmon 'What then is it?'

Master Nyuri:  'Free of all standards, discriminations and desires'

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