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Seven hours of Hallucinations from crazy freaking supplements



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Recap on Minxx's recent insanity that she is still vaguely recovering from:
I was doing more research on the individual constituents in those CRAZY FREAKING SUPPLEMENTS that I took: the ingredients were


barley grass

and red clover.

It was sold as a food source supplement, with homeopathic trace amounts of melatonin (0.3 micrograms).
I took one of these capsules before going to sleep and exploded immediately into intense hallucinations, and panic attack….. I took 1/8 a capsule the second night, looking to ditch the body load and keep the melatonin goodness, but the opposite happened, I hallucinated for about SEVEN hours, and then drifted in and out of tripping for 72 hours.

So I did  some research.  BARLEY GRASS, in addition to being the highest food source of melatonin also contains....  HORDENINE!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! It could have been the additional presence of HORDENINE that sent me spiraling off the deep end.

Can anyone tell me a little bit more about hordenine? It's stimulant, and proliferates in psychedelic cacti. But what else? Is it toxic? Is it toxic in combination with Aya? Does it make sense that this compound could have been involved with what I was experiencing?

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