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Robert H. RUSSEL DAVIS’s wife lectures her husband on the political situation in France



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From her words she appears to imply she has either become possessed or is in communication with a person able to provide more details, but intriguingly this 'person'  is the one who is out of body and using her as a mouthpiece. "I must now take my body back".

The other explanation which springs to mind  is that in an age when women were expected to be seen and not heard, she was perfectly capable of expressing all this herself and the apparent trance simply gave her the courage to be herself.  This somewhat implies it is she herself that is out of body.

A description of the experience

As quoted by Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the Study of Reincarnation

Here is another case that I borrow from our neighbors in the United Kingdom.

Twenty years ago, I came back from the City on a beautiful spring day and  bought, on my way, an issue of Saturday Review that had just been published. When I arrived home, I found my wife with a severe headache. I advised her to lie down and helped her to fall asleep by making some magnetic passes. In five minutes, she was in a deep sleep and, sitting by the window in a comfortable chair, I grabbed my newspaper and prepared to taste its contents. I was soon absorbed in reading an article on the political situation in France. I found myself interrupted by a rather obscure sentence when, to my great surprise, my wife began to discuss the issue and gave me a very interesting and instructive little lecture on the political state and the affairs of France about the above-mentioned article, showing me the greatest knowledge of the history of France that seemed quite familiar to her.

At first I thought a spirit was controlling her and speaking through her mouth, so I asked her who he was. She answered me: "It is not a foreign spirit, but mine. When you magnetized me, my body fell asleep and my mind was free, immediately. I realized the deep interest you had in reading this article and began to study it for your benefit".

- But, I said to her, how come you are so well informed about French history and politics, while in your normal state you know absolutely nothing about it, and take no interest in it? -

"When I recover my body, these things and many others I know very well in the state of mind fade away right now and I don't remember anything." -

But how did the topics you just covered become so familiar to your mind? You seem to have the most amazing knowledge of French diplomacy. -

"Certainly I know France and the French perfectly well, having once been a French lady and having even played a most important historical role."

The conversation lasted for some time, then she said to me: "I must now take my body back; the time has come. Good evening."

A minute later my wife woke up well rested and completely cured of her migraine. I must point out that this conversation of her mind with me was distinguished by the choice of the most elegant and refined expression. In her normal state, she speaks easily, but her sentence is rather abrupt and often out of proportion. On the contrary, when her mind is clear, her speeches are, if I may say so, somehow ethereal, and she is very delicate in style. I have always found that during her periods of trance her mind could answer all the questions I asked her. The knowledge she displayed was wonderful and seemed to me to be the most decisive proof of the elevation that our minds can achieve when they liberate from their bodies.

Although these phenomena occurred many years ago, they made such an impression on me that it still seems to me that it was yesterday.


Buckingham, Brighton Square.


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Delanne, Gabriel

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