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Thomas Faulkner - Patagonian shamans



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Note that the use of female apparel is not because of any homosexual tendencies [not that that would matter a jot] but because of the symbolism of androgyny.

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A description of Patagonia and the adjoining parts of South America – Thomas Faulkner 1774

The largest Indian tribes in Patagonia, the Moluches and the Puelches have male and female sorcerors. Boys who suffer from epileptic fits or from St Vitus’s dance are selected for this office and are brought up in it. They have to adopt female apparel, which they continue to wear when grown up. These men, dressed like women, are supposed to have been destined for their profession…. They likewise assume the power of curing disease by means of incantations accompanied with the noise of rattles and drums

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South American shamanism

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