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Mudras - Fountain spray - Upper belt meridian



Type of Spiritual Experience


This mudra is used in Zen Buddhism and the description of its efficacy comes from a book on Zen meditation techniques


A description of the experience

The Book of Life – Roshi Jiyu-Kennett and Rev Daizui MacPhillamy

The energy flow in this meridian is a continuous one in a clockwise direction around the head.  It fluctuates in strength as needed to assist other meridians.  This meridian assists the water of the spirit to flow through this area and pass over the head from back to frnt to form the spiritual fountain.  The mudra may be of benefit in any condition in which a meridian is blocked in the head.

It assisys with tension pain and stiffness, mental and spiritual fatigue, over stimulation, over sensitivity and general tension.  The upper belt meridian appears to be largely unknown to the other anma arts.



The source of the experience

Zen Buddhism

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