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Loyola, Ignatius of - Hallucinates a ghost



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 1


The following observation is interesting because it is quite common.  He assumed it to be the virgin Mary, because he wanted it to be, but in reality it will have been either a simple hallucination or it may have been a spirit helper of some sort.  These days we would simply say he had seen a 'ghost'.


A description of the experience

The Autobiography of Saint Ignatius Loyola

Often in prayer, ……, did he see the humanity of Christ with the eyes of the soul. The form under which this vision appeared was that of a white body, neither large nor small ; besides, there seemed to be no distinction of members in His body.

This vision appeared to him often at Manresa, perhaps twenty or even forty times, once at Jerusalem, and once when he was at Padua. He saw the Blessed Virgin under the same form, without any distinction of members.

The source of the experience

Loyola, Ignatius of

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Spirit helper


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