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Kanucas Littlefish - Native American Indians – Music heals



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Shamanism, music and the soul – Dr Keith Howard

it remains difficult to separate musical  stimuli from the other elements of a ritual, or to relate music to specific affect. I close with a statement about the power of music, the power of voice and drum, words and rhythm, combined but not separable into constituent parts. The speaker, a contemporary American Indian, the Anishnabe (Chippewa) Kanucas Littlefish, relates how after he sang one man regained his hearing and another had a broken leg cured.

Music heals:

When I sing I use vocables and words in my native language.  Lines of power exist all around us. What I try to do is tap into that power through sound and vibration using my voice and a drum. I also use a rattle, a gourd or a deer-horn shaker. When the lines of power are met, it is said a healing can occur.

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Native American Indians

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