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Jefferies, Anne – The experience in her own words



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Letter from Moses Pitt to the Bishop of Gloucester in Robert Hunt, Popular Romances of West England (1871).

"You know that this my Sickness and Fits came very suddenly upon me, which brought me very low and weak, and have made me very simple.

Now the Cause of my Sickness was this.

I was one day knitting of Stockings in the Arbour in the Gardens, and there came over the Garden-hedge of a sudden six small People, all in green Clothes, which put me into such a Fright and Consternation that was the Cause of this my great Sickness; and they continue their Appearance to me, never less that 2 at a time, nor never more than 8: they always appear in even Numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8.

When I said often in my Sickness, They were just gone out of the Window, it was really so; altho you thought me light-headed (...)

And thereupon in that Place, and at that time, in a fair Path you fell, and hurt your Leg. I would not have you send for a Chyrurgeon, nor trouble your self, for I will cure your Leg."

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Jefferies, Anne

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