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Goblins, vampires and sexual assault



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I've had weird experiences as long as i can remember. When i was a child i used to have a recurring experience most nights i would have a dream of cogs turning then a young girl skipping down a street with voices of men shouting abuse at her i would then have a feeling of being smothered this would wake me up and i would see small green 'goblin' type men in my room, i would scream and my mum would come attempt to reassure me they weren’t there but i would still see them.

I'm now 17 and i still have strange experiences, i frequently have terrifying vivid nightmares in which i know I’m dreaming such as having the blood drained out of me by vampires or being sexually assaulted.I i try and wake myself up by hitting my head on the floor, etc., but it takes ages for me to wake.

I frequently see and speak to people in my room who are usually under my bed or hiding in my cupboard. I have conversations with them and ask them to come out. My friends have witnessed me doing this and ask me who I'm talking to, it’s strange because i feel as if I'm conscious when this happens then i suddenly snap out of it and realise no one is there.

I'm thinking of going to seek help as lately i dread going to sleep because of this.

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