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Durville, Hector- Psychic Actions at a distance – 04 Healing a morphine addict



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Hector DURVILLE Psychic Actions at a distance - Four personal observations (Written around 1915)

This last case differs from the previous ones in that, on the one hand, it is very recent, that it is then directly applied to the healing of a very harmful habit; and, finally, in that the action took place at a short distance.

She is a 30-year-old lady of American high society, whom I cannot name, who, at the age of 17, got used to smoking opium.... Quickly acknowledging the disadvantages of this bad habit, she made efforts to get rid of it, but only managed to do so by taking another, worse one. She gave up opium for morphine.

Like all morphine addicts, she found this drug excellent and very quickly managed to use an average of 35 centigrams daily, in 16 to 18 injections. Under the skin.

Very intelligent, educated, active, and wanting to make a name for herself in literature, she quickly realized that she was poisoning her body and mind. Wishing to react, she followed, without any success, on two different occasions, the traditional treatment of doctors, which consists, which is absolutely illogical, in eliminating the drug without transition, and without giving the patient any compensation.

When she came to me to ask me to heal her, she had 12 or 13 2-centigram injections, one every day, given to her regularly. For many months now, she had been in such a pitiful state both physically and mentally. Despite 14 to 15 hours in bed every day, she barely became unconscious for 3 hours, in a heavy sleep and agitated by nightmares and strange dreams that left her in a state of devastating daydream. She ate almost nothing, and experienced a wide variety of ailments. It was only around 3 to 4 in the afternoon, after taking, in a few minutes, 2 and even 3 injections, that she was able to reason and do some work that distracted her a little.

To get a quick result, I demanded that the patient come to my home in Montmorency. The treatment began on August 23rd.

I began to let the patient use the syringe and her drug freely, using only her reason to reduce the daily dose as much as she would find herself better. Every day I gave her a magnetism session lasting 25 to 30 minutes; moreover, she was against her habits, coffee, wine and even rum.

I gave her a solid diet, urging her to take, against her habits, coffee, wine and even rum. I advised her to smoke a cigarette when the temptation arrives, or to try to take care of herself physically or intellectually at some work, to disturb the regularity of the shots. I wanted her to tell me frequently about her impressions, needs, desires, and she did so in complete confidence. We reasoned together; and she understood me very well.

From the first day, her condition improved considerably. The appetite returned with a very refreshing sleep from 7 to 8 hours; and, as a result, the number of injections required by her body was reduced by more than half.

Each day brought a new improvement, a calm and peaceful sleep is established for a duration of 9 hours each night. Going to bed at 9 p.m., she would get up on her own around 8:30 a.m., in the best physical and moral conditions. She worked intellectually from 3 to 4 hours a day.

The natural consequence of this triple physical, intellectual and moral nourishment was that after 13 days, the number of injections she thought was essential was reduced to 3, one when she got up, one around 4 o'clock and the last one when she went to bed. From 25 centigrams per day, the amount of poison was reduced to 6.

The patient needed to return home to the seaside in Normandy. She asked me to come with her. As I essentially wanted to complete her healing, I accepted.

At home, the treatment, interrupted for 2 days, resumed under the same conditions on September 5. The fatigue of the trip, like the interruption of my magnetic treatment, had no influence on the number of shots, which remained the same; and the next day, she reduced it to 2. I left it like that, giving it only a magnetic session of a few minutes each day.

After 5 days, without telling her anything about my intentions, I decided to put an end to the injections. It is only at this point that the true action of INTENTION begins.

I started by using suggestive phrases to tell her what was going to happen. A painful struggle would take place in her body between her reason for opposing the injections and the habit that would not want to give it up. This would result in fatigue, some discomfort, and then disgust with the drug, because she would be aware that if her mind gave way, she would experience physical and moral pain.

For a whole day and most of the night, either in my room, or when it was in her room, or in the sea, in the city or in the country, or when she went about her business, I thought almost constantly about what follows:

 "IT'S OVER, YOU WON'T INJECT YOURSELF ANYMORE; I DON'T WANT TO. BESIDES, IF YOU WERE TO INJECT YOURSELF, IT WOULD HURT YOU. I built in my mind the materialized image of these thoughts, to which I added other mental images representing the HORROR OF SUCH A PASSION, THE STUPEFACTION THAT WAS THE FOLLOW-UP, and finally FOLLY AND DEATH IN THE PRIME OF LIFE; and, by my will, I sent these thought forms upon her.

The effect was immediate. All day long, she was in the grip of the greatest irritation determined by the intensity of my thoughts that pressed on her and brought her to revolt. She had only one ampoule of a centigram left, which she took in the evening when she went to bed, and which hurt her; she spent the night without sleep, perfectly aware of my action; and the next morning, although broken by this inner struggle and by insomnia, she was furious. I went to see her in her room around 9 a.m., to question her, but she told me that she could not bear this pressure, and that if I continued to do this, she would "save herself" (that's her expression) by asking a doctor in a nearby town for a prescription.

I immediately judged that this action was too brutal, and resolved to immediately modify it as follows:

- Thinking that I was the patient myself, and knowing that my thoughts and impressions would immediately be transmitted to her, I went back to my room. There, I abandoned all will and began slowly imagine and re-imagine in my mind, one after the other, all the horrors of morphinomania, to which I gave forms that were as close as possible to reality.

Really suffering, especially in morale, I was very unhappy, and told myself: - GOD, WHAT A MISERABLE I AM! ! ! - MR. DURVILLE WILL LEAVE..., AND I WILL FALL BACK AS BEFORE. - WHAT I WILL TURN INTO????? - AND MY POOR CHILDREN! ! ! - I AM UNHAPPY! ! ! ! ! - YET I WANT TO HEAL........ - I HAVE TO HEAL! ! ! ! ! - LIFE IS STILL SMILING ON ME.............

After this reasoning that I held myself for a half an hour, and trembling with horror, I took an energetic decision, walking in the room from one side to the other, gesturing and hitting the ground with my foot. - IT'S END! I thought to myself. - HORRIBLE DRUGS, I HATE YOU..., I HATE YOU..., AND I WON'T TOUCH YOU AGAIN! ! - NO MORE MORPHINE! - I SWEAR ON MY CHILDREN! ! - I SWEAR..., AND WILL KEEP MY OATH.

After repeating these different formulas with the deepest conviction, for about a quarter of an hour I went out to rest; and, as I walked, I repeated the oath in half voice.

I came home around 11:30. It was lunchtime. I'm called to the table. The patient can do it too. - How do you find yourself?" I asked to her. - Oh! she replied smiling, you know that. After a few moments of hesitation, she added: "Now I am fine. I even decided to leave this "horrible drug" (these two words had been communicated), and I will hold it. I am healed, rest assured...; but this healing is not my own, I would not have had the energy.

I told her that it was she who had freely made the decision. - "Yes," she replied, "it was me who took it, but you thought about it!»

This expected result, because it was well prepared, both physiologically and psychologically, was obtained on the 23rd day of treatment. I left the patient 3 days later, making her swear again that she would never sacrifice herself to the "horrible drug" again; and that if by any chance she still needed it, she would come back to me immediately. She did not return. On September 28, she wrote me a letter from which I extract the following:

The first few days after you left, I was very well; but the following week, things were not going as well. I am much better, and go for a walk with my horse every day.

 In a long letter dated November 8, about 3 months after I left, she told me that she was "very well physically healed", because she no longer felt the need for the injections, but that she was "still thinking about it". The healing is therefore as perfect as could be expected.

From this report, we can see how easy remote actions are for those who know how to THINK and WANT. There are obviously disadvantages and even serious dangers for those who would like, without sufficient education and training, to exercise them about everything they may desire. This is understood in my "Higher Course of Personal Influence" (1), where the technique of ACTIONS AT A DISTANCE  is made available to those who want to practice it for the good of humanity.


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Durville, Hector and Henri

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