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Chesterton, G K - Orthodoxy - Birth is as solemn a parting as death



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Orthodoxy – G. K. Chesterton

 A woman loses a child even in having a child.  All creation is separation.  Birth is as solemn a parting as death.

It was the prime philosophic principle of Christianity that this divorce in the divine act of making – such as severs the poet from the poem or the mother from the new born child – was the true description of the act whereby the absolute energy made the world.

According to most philosophers, God in making the world enslaved it.  According to Christianity, in making it, He set it free.  God had written, not so much a poem, but rather a  play; a play he had planned as perfect, but which had necessarily been left to human actors and stage managers, who had since made a mess of it.

I will discuss the truth of this theorem later.

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Chesterton, G K

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