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Appearance of a little dog during an experimental séance



Type of Spiritual Experience

Environmental influence

Number of hallucinations: 6


A description of the experience

As quoted in Gabriel Delanne - Materials for use in the study of Reincarnation

In a November 1877 session with Commander Devoluette, the medium Amélie announced that something was developing on the table and precisely on a large sheet of paper put there for direct writing:

"There is an animal, I see paws! Ah! it's a little dog sitting on paper, it is of such marking, short nose, big round eyes, long ears, long-haired tail, thin and long legs." Soon we all hear a paw stomping and shaking on the table, and the medium keeps us informed of the animal's movements.

"It jumps on the spot, it takes the paper between its legs, it scratches it, twists it and tears it. Ah! I'm afraid, it jumped on my shoulder, it goes on Mrs. X's back... (This lady feels the shock), it returns to its first position."

We all hear little barks, and my wife feels the animal's paws on her hands. It then licks Amélie's and Mrs. X's hands... and disappears.

When we switched the light on we found the paper twisted, torn, and clearly marked with small claws.

The barking heard by all the participants and the traces of the nails left on the paper seem to establish the reality of the ghost dog.

The source of the experience

Delanne, Gabriel

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