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Watson, Lyall - Allopathic doctors as radio repairmen



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This was written in 1974, so it makes rather depressing reading, things have got worse not better

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The Romeo Error – Lyall Watson

Only the most dedicated allopaths, those mainstream medical practitioners who persist in believing that disease must be treated by combative drugs, still deny that the body can do a great deal to treat itself if given the right assistance.

By concerning themselves only with the working parts, they begin to look like radio repairmen who have never heard the receiver in action. Music and life need two further stimulants; power provided by food and air, and information provided by the appropriate radio waves.

Prana is our equivalent of the airborne patterns that allow disembodied music from a distant source to be recreated in a million other places. The life force suggested by this theory is as insubstantial as ether and yet essential to the ordered patterning of matter that produces a functional living organism. It is not something to be sneezed at or out.

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Watson, Lyall

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