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Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry - The Two Angels



Type of spiritual experience


Describes the two paths - that of reincarnation and that of no reincarnation

A description of the experience

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – from The Poems of Longfellow [printed about 1875]
from The Two Angels

Two Angels, one of Life and One of Death
Passed o'er our village as the morning broke
The dawn was on their faces, and beneath
The sombre houses hearsed with plumes of smoke.

Their attitude and aspect were the same
Alike their features and their robes of white
But one was crowned with amaranth and flame
And one with asphodels like flakes of light


And he who wore the crown of asphodels
Descending at my door began to knock
And my soul sank within me, as in wells
The waters sink before an earthquake shock


Then with a smile, that filled the house with light
'My errand is not Death, but Life' he said
And ere I answered, passing out of sight
On his celestial embassy he sped

The source of the experience

Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry

Concepts and Symbols used in the text or image