Spiritual concepts

Celestial note duration

Songlines are composed of various functions executed in a certain logical order. The components themselves may be stored at various levels and layers, which is where we get the concept of pitch from. But a simple dependency diagram does not show the duration of the component/function, and as a consequence it does not show the duration of the note, which can of course differ depending on how much code is in each component. So let me add duration by changing the colour coding in the example below, so that yellow means a second, blue means two seconds, red means three seconds and green means four seconds.

What does this look like? It again looks like musical notation.

In any piece of music, not only has a note a pitch it has duration. The musical notation system we use in the west uses symbols for each note that show how long it has to be held. Assuming a constant rhythmic beat, a note may thus last one beat, half a beat, two beats and so on.

The note may then be interspersed with a period of silence. So we might get something like the following where the letters are notes and the zeros are silence. So in the example, the A is held for 2 beats, the B for 1 beat, the silence in between for 2 beats and so on.

A A A 0 0 B 0 0 0 C 0 0 B B D D E E 0 0 0 F F F 0 0 H H H 0 0 0 G G G G

Many of the functions of the universe may well appear to us to be quite long in execution – grass growing, trees growing, leaves opening, flowers blooming, mineral erosion, so there is no reason why we cannot spiritually perceive - ‘hear’ - each of the notes as a single prolonged pitch of varying duration.


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