Spiritual concepts


Illumination is another word for certain  types of spiritual experience – specifically invisible input – wisdom and also invisible input – inspiration.

Generally the idea of illumination is symbolically represented by a lantern.  The Hermit in the Tarot, for example, may carry a  lantern as he [or she] is a source of spiritual illumination.

The idea of Illumination was once an important feature of ancient Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, medieval philosophy, and the Illuminationist school of Islamic philosophy, that whereas knowledge and cleverness were acquired through mundane study, true wisdom was only ever to be acquired via ‘divine grace’ – spiritual experience.

Socrates says in The Apology that he received illumination.  Augustine (354 – 430) also described the role of divine illumination

"The mind needs to be enlightened by light from outside itself, so that it can participate in truth, because it is not itself the nature of truth”.


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