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Saturn [Chronos]

See Creation and Destruction.

The naming of many symbolic concepts is hugely confusing at times, however, Saturn in this context - more correctly and less confusingly Chronos [time - from which we get the word chronology etc] – in this ‘aspect’ is not the same as the SATURN of the Planets.

Saturn is a symbol of spiritual [software] creation and destruction. The Ouroboros and Saturn share much in common in their symbolism.  Saturn was said to ‘devour his own children ‘ a mythological trait which was portrayed in gory detail by Goya.

I think that all this came about because beyond the symbolic planet SATURN, there is an abyss, used to recycle energy - see Map of the Universe.

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot

Saturn symbolises time which, with its ravenous appetite for life, devours all its creations, whether they are beings, things, ideas or sentiments….

Saturn is symbolic of activity, of slow, implacable dynamism, of realisation and communication; and this is why he is said to have devoured his children and why he is related to the Ouroboros or the serpent which bites its own tail.

Other attributes of his are the oar – standing for navigation and progress in things temporal, the hour glass and the scythe. 

In the scythe we can detect a double meaning; first, its function of cutting, parallel to and corroborating the symbol of devouring; and secondly, its curved shape, which invariably corresponds to the feminine principle.  This is why the alchemists, masters in the spiritual science of symbolism, named Saturn Mercurius senex.


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