Symbols - What does heaven look like



In very general terms the flute shares its symbolism with all musical instruments.

Many musical instruments look like the human body or parts of the human body and music is one way in which people can be healed, as such there is a connection with musical instruments and spiritual experience in general.

But the flute has a rather special place in the symbolic pantheon for those who use all the sexual techniques to achieve enlightenment from Making love, to Sex magick to Sexual stimulation to Peaking.

The flute is the penis.  Thus if one is playing on one's flute ...........  well you get the idea.

In ancient Greece and modern Japan, fellatio has been referred to as "playing the flute"; the Kama Sutra has a chapter on auparishtaka (or oparishtaka), "mouth congress"

There is also a connection with pipes of all sort - though pan pipes would not quite fit the bill - peace pipes, included.

Flutes are reed instruments and the added implication is that - because the reed is the symbol of spine - that the sexual techniques are geared towards enlightenment via the  kundalini experience.


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