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Emperor and Empress

Kings and queens are, within the Intelligence hierarchy the 'lower orders'.  They are pawns who have been elevated to higher levels via the spiritual path and achievement of their challenge and destiny. 

The Emperor and Empress, however, represent the Intelligences in the Intelligence hierarchy that are found in the Celestial hierarchy as opposed to the Terrestrial hierarchy.

All of these Intelligences have lost the ability to spawn copies of themselves by the act of delegating the role of physical creation to the lower orders [symbolically via castration].  They will thus not be able to be physical.  Furthermore they will, via the lower orders, be Intelligences of enormous power - functionally as well as in influence.

The Intelligences represented symbolically as the Planets and as the Signs of the Zodiac would thus be classified as Emperors and Empresses within this definition.

The Emperor and Empress are also found in the Tarot.

Please note that all of this is spiritual and not representative of the political power and inherited positions found on earth and in the physical, all of which have long since lost their meaning and relevance.


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