Symbols - What does heaven look like


A symbol that is used in the Zodiac sign for Cancer – I have inverted the sign here to help explain its symbolism – but also in a more generic sense. In the general sense it represents a person who is a spiritual seeker, but who hasn’t got that far on the spiritual ladder. 

The diagram on the right is the by now familiar diagram [I hope!] of the soul cone with spiritual input and spiritual output via the Higher spirit.


Its two claws are in this context synonymous with the symbolism of horns – the two tunnels that provide spiritual input and spiritual output.  The Shell of the crab is hard and thus represents the Earth layer and internally it is soft representing the software layers of Air and Water.

It is looking in the direction of the spiritual world – the Aether level as such it is a spiritual traveller.  This person is a seeker but has not achieved enlightenment.  It is a little creature of water – thus it is more connected symbolically to Water.  By definition it is not a creature of the Air, so it still has a long way to go spiritually.

It is round in shape.  Thus it has the shape of the Aura.  It also goes sideways rather than up, meaning it travels ‘horizontally’ during spiritual experience and does not ‘rise’ through the layers.  This means it can represent a healer or ‘medium’ able to see auras or through inter composer communication diagnose and cure illness.


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