Symbols - What does heaven look like

Christmas tree

Within the Egg, each physical thing is allocated a cone of Spirit  that contains their functions – their implemented copy of the software.  Each implemented  cone touches at its apex with the centre of the Egg and  the Creator and Created.  We see this symbolically in the Hourglass. The  Spiritual path is symbolically represented as an ascent up the Levels and Layers of this soul cone.  If we are Dante, we ascend our Hill in a gradually spiralling path.

It is from the idea of ascent up the soul cone that we get the concept of the Christmas tree.


The tree looks very like the soul cone in shape.

Any tinsel we choose to put on the tree or fairy lights are symbolic routes or paths up the tree with occasional spiritual flashes of understanding or ‘rewards’. And of course we also use Crystal balls  At the top we have the Star – the culmination of the journey.  Perhaps there is an angel at the top or a fairy which is actually the same thing – our Higher spirit.

See also Crystal in legend and folklore.


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