Symbols - What does heaven look like


Balloons symbolically represent one of two things.  Either they are just another version of the Egg. Alternatively they have similar symbolism to smoke, dew, bubbles and clouds all of which represent Spirit output.  Hot air rising.  Balloons tend to relate more to one type of spiritual output, notably our Perceptions which is why we talk about thought bubbles or thought balloons from cartoon characters.  If the balloon is attached to a string it has the same symbolism as the Ball and polo stick.

Emily Dickinson – from The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

You’ve seen balloons set – haven’t you?
So stately they ascend
It is as swans discarded you
For duties diamond

Their liquid feet go softy out
Upon a sea of blonde
They spurn the air as ‘twere too mean
For creatures so renowned

Their ribbons just beyond the eye
They struggle some for breath
And yet the crowd applaud, below
They would not encore death

The gilded creature strains and spins
Trips frantic in a tree
Tears open her imperial veins
And tumbles in the sea

The crowd retire with an oath
The dust in streets go down
And clerks in counting rooms
Observe ‘’twas only a balloon’ -

Christopher Read – Expanded Universes

One dog barks
At hot air balloons
Whenever they approach
Another at night moths
They are guarding the premises


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