Some science behind the scenes


The scalp has both a large number of nerves and also a number of blood vessels.  It also has a vast number of meridians and trigger points in Chinese medicine

The veins in the skull can be seen in the diagram below.    As you can see anything which encourages or promotes a better flow of blood in this area is going to help take away the blood from the brain and lower blood pressure.  It also helps in other ways.  In order to understand this you need to understand the functioning of the Cerebrospinal fluid system – see Cerebrospinal fluid.

Along with the blood are all the waste products that have accumulated in the brain and which have been swilling around the Cerebrospinal fluid.  Thus when you stimulate the veins in your head, you encourage the circulation of the blood.  By doing this, it results in removal of ‘waste’ products – toxins, funguses, viruses, bacteria, harmful chemicals – anything that has seeped into the CSF from our nervous system.

The great occipital nerve travels down the length of the neck and is the focus of a large number of nerves from the top of the skull, but as can be seen there are nerves that travel from the top of the skull in the other direction towards the bridge of the nose.



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