Venous and varicose eczema

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description


Venous eczema (aka gravitational e., stasis dermatitis, varicose e.) occurs in people with impaired circulation, varicose veins, and oedema, and is particularly common in the ankle area of people over 50. There is redness, scaling, darkening of the skin, and itching. The disorder predisposes to leg ulcers.

It is a symptom not a cause in that the same pathogen causing the varicose veins, impaired circulation and oedema may also be causing the Eczema

Where the pathogen is responsible for impaired circulation, for example, it may ‘lie low’ in the extremities, where blood flow is particularly poor.  The reason being that in areas of poor circulation, the immune system is less able to send the ‘troops’ to the site of attack.

Like all Eczema the cause needs to be investigated, please follow the link to Eczema.


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