Premature birth [link to detailed entry and observations]

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description

Being born premature is not an illness, but an event. 

Medically a premature baby is defined as the birth of a baby less than 37 weeks gestational age. What marks out premature babies is that they are, of course, smaller than full term babies, but many are born without their organs having had enough time to fully develop.  Some of these babies show obvious disabilities, some have less obvious problems that only surface later.  Even with considerable medical care the organs may never fully develop even though the baby survives.

Thus though being born premature is not an illness, the side-effects of being born premature may indeed be either illnesses or disabilities.

The distinction may seem pointless, but it is not, because in cause based illness, the need to establish a cause-effect chain is key.

For a full description of the 'symptoms', 'causes' and why some born prematurely have spiritual experiences - please follow this LINK which takes you to the entry in the 'events' section.