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Generating extreme emotion

Category: Actions



Introduction and description


Many magicians and sorcerors of old used to use very high emotion in order to obtain spiritual experience.  There are people on this site who were able to move objects [psychokinesis] simply by generating emotion of extreme intensity.

The easiest emotion to induce that provokes enough energetic force to even change the weather is HATE.  King Arthur’s sister, a significant sorceress in her own right – Morgan le Fay – used extremely high emotion to weave her spells.

Extreme emotion of all kinds, positive or negative, has the effect of blotting out the intellect,  and since it is the intellect with its ego, memory, cleverness, desires and cunning that get in the way of all spiritual experience , as a method, extreme emotion can be extraordinarily effective.

There are numerous instances on this website of how extremely intense Emotion enables spiritual experience.  I have placed many of  the 'positive' high emotion actions and events under the heading of Suppression because although the emotion is high the effects are positive spiritually.  Thus making love is placed within the suppression section, as is enacting ritual and ceremony.  Football and rugby matches are a form of ritual and ceremony involving high emotion.


The negative high emotion events and actions are placed here in the Overload section because when this sort of emotion is high the effects can be somewhat unpredictable – poltergeists enter the room or you may go out of body!

We can voluntarily provoke very high levels of apparently negative Emotion.  Riding on a roller coaster, for example, is apparently negative because it is designed to provoke fear.  But because these acts are voluntary, the effects are only temporary - a temporary overload of the system.  Subconsciously too they are maybe not as potentially damaging because in our hearts we know they are short lived and we chose to do them, even if they may even be a little dangerous.

The possibilities here are endless and very exciting – all you need to do is ask yourself what provokes the most emotion in you and then do it to extremes.

  • If it is sadness – grieve uncontrollably, wail, cry, wring your hands, moan
  • If it is fear – really frighten yourself with scary movies or standing on cliff edges, or walking across glass bridges.  We have put bungee jumping as an action because this does seem to work quite well
  • If it is anger – get yourself a punchbag, for example, paint a face on it and punch and punch it with real aggression until you are exhausted.  Get really angry, shout, scream, anything to let the anger rise.

We leave it up to you to think of more examples

How it works

You will need to be able to reference the Model of spiritual experience whilst you read the following.  This has a definition of the terms I use. 


The Model is a model of our Minds showing the functions that are key to spiritual experience.  It is divided into three – the Subconscious, the Conscious and the Higher spirit :

  • The Higher spirit gives us access to the spiritual world, the specific function that creates spiritual input – dreams visions etc is called the composer;
  • Our Conscious mind is the mind of the intellect – reason, memory, and will.  It is often described as the ‘masculine’ in us and loosely speaking is processed by our left brain;
  • Our Subconscious mind is the mind of emotion and feeling, creativity and imagination, as well as perception.  It is also the processor of sensory information and nervous system messages.  It is the receiver of information from our autonomic systems including the sexual system.  It is often described as the ‘feminine’ in us and loosely speaking is processed by our right brain;

The only route to our composer is via the Subconscious – the feminine side. 

The only way we can activate the subconscious is to Squash the Intellect - aspects of our Conscious self. 

All spiritual experience works by squashing the 'masculine' Conscious self and letting the 'feminine' Subconscious self take over.

Look again at the Model

All spiritual experience works by overloading or suppressing the functions that produce inputs to the Will.  A function is what we were doing at the time, if the experience was involuntary, or what we need to be doing if we deliberately want to have a spiritual experience.  


In effect spiritual experience works by the overload [or suppression] of one or more of the following functions [blue boxes, follow the arrows backwards]

  • The nervous system
  • The 5 senses system
  • The autonomic system – especially our sexual systems
  • The system of Emotion
  • Reasoning
  • Memory recall
  • Learning - in an indirect temporary way, via Memory
  • Objective setting - a function of the will

And this is how all spiritual experience works, all the activities I have described on the website overload or suppress one or more of these functions on a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent basis.

Emotion thus has a hugely important effect.  It also has an interesting effect in that if we experience any form of very high Emotion it has a tendency to squash the functions of reasoning anyway, adding to the overall effects.

For a generic description of this activity in context see How spiritual experience works




We have grouped all the observations relating to extreme emotion under the one heading Extreme emotion, found in the events section.  Within this section you will be able to see experiences that were deliberately achieved this way and those which were accidental. 

By grouping them we hope it is easier to see how effective this method can be.  Within the 'Event' category you will also find the experiences provoked by fear, grief, and other emotions and again this should provide you with an idea of what is possible, even when the experience was not sought.