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Bells palsy

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description


Bell's palsy is a form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) causing an inability to control facial muscles on the affected side.

Named after Scottish anatomist Charles Bell, who first described it, it is the most common acute mononeuropathy (disease involving only one nerve) and is the most common cause of acute facial nerve paralysis (>80%).




The James Bond Star Pierce Brosnan suffered from
Bell’s palsy in his youth but recovered from the condition
later on

The hallmark of this condition is a rapid onset of partial or complete paralysis that often occurs overnight. In rare cases (<1%), it can occur bilaterally resulting in total facial paralysis.

The nerve travels through the skull in a narrow bone canal beneath the ear. Nerve swelling and compression in the narrow bone canal are thought to lead to nerve inhibition, damage or death.

Most people recover spontaneously and achieve near-normal to normal functions. Many show signs of improvement as early as 10 days after the onset, even without treatment.

Often the eye in the affected side cannot be closed. The eye must be protected from drying up, or the cornea may be permanently damaged resulting in impaired vision. In some cases denture wearers experience some discomfort. 


Bell's palsy is believed to be caused by viruses activated by stress, trauma, environmental stressors, metabolic disorders and emotional disorders.

Illustrations Of The Influence Of The Mind Upon The Body In Health And Disease, Designed To Elucidate The Action Of The Imagination - Daniel Hack Tuke, M.D., M.R.C.P

Dr. A. J. Sutherland states that "paralysis of the seventh nerve is a well-marked symptom of disease of the brain from severe mental shock," and I. observe the remark in Romberg, that " violent mental emotions have, in some instances, preceded its occurrence," and he refers to Joseph Frank in confirmation ("Prax. Medic. Univer. Precepta," 2d edit., vol. i, p. 556).

Given that severe trauma is also able to disrupt the functioning of the blood brain barrier, damage to the nerves may be from a virus, but the virus may have gained entry via a damaged BBB.  For example:

We conclude that combat training inducing significant levels of stress, depression and anxiety is accompanied by evidence of increased blood-brain barrier permeability and by increases in systemic pro-inflammatory mediators. PMID: 24625912

Many viruses, including those injected via vaccination are classified as latent viruses.  Virus latency (or viral latency) is the ability of a pathogenic virus to lie dormant (latent) within a cell, only to emerge, sometimes years later when the immune system has been compromised by stress or the unwise use of immunosuppressants.

Sylvester Stallone suffers from Bell's Palsy and according to some
sources has done since he was born

A large number of quite well known viruses are latent. The Herpes Virus family, Herpesviridae, can all  establish latent infection. Herpes virus include Chicken-pox virus and Herpes simplex viruses (HSV-1, HSV-2), the Epstein-Barr Virus, the human papilloma virus, the Cytomegalovirus [CMV] the Mumps virus and the Rubella virus.  The measles virus is also another virus that can be latent.

Many viruses in vaccines are not 'dead'; they are called attentuated viruses and have the ability to be latent.   Latency is the phase in certain viruses' life cycles in which, after initial infection, proliferation of virus particles ceases. However, the viral genome is not fully eradicated. The result of this is that the virus can reactivate and begin producing large amounts of viral progeny without the host being infected by new outside virus, denoted as the lytic part of the viral life cycle, and stays within the host indefinitely.

Quite a number of the viruses implicated in Bell's palsy could only have been received fom vaccines.  The varicella zoster virus is the chicken pox virus.  For example:

OBJECTIVES:  Bell's palsy is considered the most common cause of facial nerve paralysis in children. Although different theories have been postulated for its diagnosis, reactivation of the Varicella zoster virus (VZV) has been implicated as one of the causes of Bell's palsy. The aim of the study was to evaluate the association of Varicella-zoster virus infection with Bell's palsy and its outcome in children.

METHODS:  A total of 30 children with Bell's palsy were recruited and were assayed for evidence of VZV infection. The severity of facial nerve dysfunction and the recovery rate were evaluated according to House-Brackmann Facial Nerve Grading Scale (HB FGS). Paired whole blood samples from all patients were obtained at their initial visit and 3 weeks later, and serum samples were analyzed for VZV IgG and IgM antibodies using ELISA.

RESULTS:  A significantly higher percentage of Bell's palsy patients were seropositive for VZV IgM antibodies than controls (36.6% of patients vs 10% of controls) while for VZV IgG antibodies the difference was statistically nonsignificant. HB FGS in Bell's palsy patients with serologic evidence of VZV recent infection or reactivation showed a statistiacally significant less cure rate than other patients.

CONCLUSIONS:  VZV reactivation may be an important cause of acute peripheral facial paralysis in children. The appropriate diagnosis of VZV reactivation should be done to improve the outcome and the cure rate by the early use of antiviral treatment. PMID:  25599860

Viruses like the herpes simplex viruses can infect the body and lie dormant for many years until they are re-activated. Although the herpes simplex virus [being both common and of the dormant variety] is the chief culprit in causing Bell's palsy, the varicella-zoster virus and Epstein-Barr virus, both of the herpes family are also implicated.


Clooney suffered from palsy in his middle school years
and refers to the time as the “worst time of my life.”

It will help to find out which virus is attacking you - thus find the cause.  Once you know the virus, then the plan of action can be based on using foods and [natural] medicines that both boost the immune system and act specifically on that virus.

There are sections on this site for the viruses mentioned, and research papers to show which natural medicines have been found efficacious.  Look in the healing section.

Sleeping also helps.



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