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Yerka, Jacek and Radoslav A Tsanoff – The Ways of Genius



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TSANOFF, RADOSLAV ANDREA (1887–1976). Radoslav Andrea Tsanoff, philosopher, teacher, and author, was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, on January 3, 1887.  He came to the United States in 1903 and in 1910 he earned his doctorate in philosophy at Cornell University. He was employed at Rice University in Houston as assistant professor of philosophy in 1914 and retired as professor emeritus in 1956. He returned in 1961 as Trustee Distinguished Professor of Humanities and before retiring for the second time in 1974 was the first occupant of the Carolyn and Fred McManis Professorship in Philosophy. He was an authority on the history of ideas and a productive scholar and author. His publications include The Problem of Immortality (1924), The Nature of Evil (1931), Religious Crossroads (1942), Ethics (1947, rev. 1955), The Ways of Genius (1949), The Great Philosophers (1953, rev. 1964), Worlds to Know: A Philosophy of Cosmic Perspectives (1962), Autobiographies of Ten Religious Leaders (1968), and Civilization and Progress (1971).


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Radoslav A Tsanoff – The Ways of Genius

Genius not only hears more sounds in the rushing tumult of life, but selects more harmonious strains from the din

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Yerka, Jacek

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