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Yassawi - 16 from HIKMET 49



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Yassawi –  from HIKMET 49

Winter and summer, like a nightingale, I fell in love,
Warbling, from branch to branch I hopped, my friends.

This is the garden of the heart, a magnificent place,
In this garden birds sing in a thousand tongues,
On every branch a different perspective opens,
The gift of maturity comes into view, my friends.

The careless do not know true blessings,
Looking from the outside see nothing,
The outer eye of ignorance will notice nothing,
When opened the inner eye sees all, my friends.

When the inner eye opens all veils dissolve,
As they dissolve the secrets behind the veils are revealed,
Awestruck, the soul's vision marvels in wonder,
The light of faith illumines all, my friends.

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Yassawi, Khoja Akhmet

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