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The death of Jeanne Dumière's mother causes the bed where Jeanne and her older sister are lying to be raised with violence



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published in Annales des Sciences Psychiques (1916, page 70).
The editor-in-chief of this magazine, Mr. C. de Vesme, publishes the following letter that Mrs. Gillot wrote to him:

Here is a psychic phenomenon which was observed in Vienna (Isère), in April 1915. I was informed of it by my younger daughter, who lives there. I'm reproducing a passage from one of her letters:

"Dear Mother, I'm going to tell you a fact that will interest you. Jeanne Dumière's mother died. She stayed in the hospital for 8 days: on the eighth day, the nurse who looked after her told the patient's husband: "Come tomorrow without fail, you or your daughter, because Mrs. Dumière's condition is serious.

In the evening, all family members go to bed in sorrow. But then, just after 4 a. m., the bed where Jeanne and her older sister are lying is shaken or rather raised with violence. The two girls were immediately awakened and thought: "Mother must be dead".

Indeed, at 4 o' clock in the morning, Mrs. Dumière breathed her last sigh. Having heard Jeanne Dumière tell her friends about this fact, I had it explained to me by her, to communicate it to you."

Mrs. Gillot, in Clérieux (Drôme).

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