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Snell, Joy – Ministry of Angels – Then peace came to me and my soul found rest



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Joy Snell – Ministry of Angels

A friend of mine who disclaims the possession of any unusual psychic powers has obtained the most convincing proof of the ministry of angels, and thereby has been enabled to triumph over a sorrow that otherwise would have crushed him. Because it may help others similarly situated to obtain the same solace and comfort, I have obtained his permission to insert in this book the following account of his experience which he has written for me.

“After a long illness and much suffering, endured with great patience, my dearly loved wife had died, and I was left alone. She had been able, often, to see spirits and to talk to them, and had been wonderfully helped by them. As she had told me what they revealed to her, I, too, had obtained the perfect assurance that death is but the beginning of another state of existence which, for those who strive to lead good lives, is far happier than that on the physical plane. But I had never been able to see spirits myself, or to converse with them as she had done.

 “When my dear wife was taken from me, as I had not her psychic powers it was vain to hope, it seemed to me, that I might be able to see her and talk with her, as she had, when alive, seen and talked with her mother and other loved members of her family who had preceded her into the better world. But I longed ardently that I might in some way, be able to realise her presence and that I, too, might receive help from the spirits in some form.

“It was borne in upon me that by giving way to grief and dejection I raised a barrier between myself and the spirits which would shut me off from their influence. I felt, therefore, that as the first step towards obtaining what I so much desired I should have to rid myself of sad and gloomy thoughts. Instead of dwelling on my own great loss and forlorn condition I made myself think of what she had gained. I pictured to myself, as well as I could, the glorious change that had taken place in her condition. I was then able to realise that all I had often prayed she might obtain had been granted her.

“Her  health had been restored, her strength had been renewed, and she was free from all pain. And far more than I had prayed for had been bestowed upon her, for she had been admitted to heaven.

“Would you, if you could,” I asked myself, “summon her back from heaven to dwell again in an enfeebled, pain-racked body, that you might be happier?‟

 “No, emphatically, no,” I replied to my own query.

Then it seemed to me, I received a message from on high which bade me fall on my knees and thank God that my prayers had been so abundantly answered, and rejoice in the proof that had been vouchsafed me of His goodness and mercy.

“Then peace came to me and my soul found rest.

 And then, oh, the wonder of it! I realised that she was with me and speaking to me - speaking to my soul. It was not a mere feeling; it was absolute certainty. Impressed thus upon my soul the purport of her thoughts was more clearly apprehended by me, and sank deeper than had they been imparted to me in audible words and reached me through the medium of my own physical ears. In this way my wife, now an angel, was able to make me share in the great joy that had come to her.

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Snell, Joy

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