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Sleeping tablets sent me bonkers



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As the drug wore off the synaesthesia set in - the metallic taste -  otherwise this is more of a terrible cautionary tale of what can happen with these drugs - memory loss destroyed his learnt behaviour, [manners, controlled behaviour] and appears to have affected his reason too

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Sleeping Tablets Sent Me Bonkers – Zopiclone by Will EROWID

Here in Australia, zopiclone is sold as Immovane. My dad does a lot of travelling and was given a prescription by his doctor. I was going through a fairly rough period of my life at this stage, and I was drinking excessively and smoking a lot of weed and taking other stuff whenever I could afford it. Anyway, one day I found dad's Immovane and checked out dosages on the net. They were 7.5 mg tablets and I figured it was (relatively) safe to take all nine tablets that were there (for a total dose of 67.5 mg)

Well, put it this way, it's an experience my parents would rather forget. As for me, it barely matters because I can't remember it anyway. I remember popping the nine tablets, then watching some television. After this, all i have is two memories. This is no shit. I have had (like most people) memory loss attributed to booze, but nothing like this. My two memories were of snapping a comb in half, apparently because I was really angry, and at talking to my (now ex) girlfriend on the phone, aggressively asking her about her past.

That's the interesting point I want to make about this drug, zopiclone. It's a sleeping tablet, but an excessive dose (67.5mg) did NOT send me to sleep. In fact, I took them about 7:30 pm and didn't go to bed until 2:00 am. During this time I threatened my family, threatened my girlfriend, worried my parents to the point of my mum ringing the police (only to be told that they couldn't do anything unless I actually hurt someone or did some damage) my parents also had to disconnect the phones to stop me making phone calls, hide the car keys cause I was threatening to drive, lock up the bikes because I wanted to go for a ride, and I also confessed everything to my parents about my previous drug use, which included a confession about IV drug use. I don't remember any of this, I was told about it the next day. Apparently, I told my girlfriend I 'felt like my head was gonna explode.'

So, there, that's the tale. Also, the next day was hazy and lethargic, and all food/drink had a metallic tang to it (a common side effect I've since read about).

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