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Siegrid Knecht 1971 – Rauchen und Rauchern in Nepal



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Number of hallucinations: 1


The following is provided to show you what you can do if you want to be really extreme in your combinations  -- my comments are in brackets….

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Siegrid Knecht 1971 – Rauchen und Rauchern in Nepal

The state of true trance is attained by inhaling the smoke of a juniper fire [oxygen deprivation]; by biting on juniper branches [some plant psychedelic content, though of dubious value in this context]; by drinking the blood of a male kid goat [of no earthly use at all spiritually - symbolic]; the trance dancer runs around jumping wildly [frenetic exercise] … he repeatedly interrupts his fast run to listen to the musical instruments and finally breaking down over a drum [drumming ] he sings his prophecy in the ancient language he is incapable of speaking or understanding when he is awake.

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Shaman unspecified

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