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Remote viewing – account from a letter written by Mr. Larrabée, Wisconsin's chief-justice, to Governor Tallmage



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Also described in  Spiritism (Western Fakirism) Study Historical, Critical and Experimental - Dr. Paul Gibier [1887] with the additional comment
According to Dr. Fizgibbon, the last governor of Bay-Island, a large number of Red Skins are naturally mediums and, as such, obtain more powerful and strange results than any white medium. The spirits that manifest themselves through them call themselves Spanish Americans; others claim to belong to older races that built the cities whose wonderful debris lies beneath the surface of America's supposedly pristine forests. Other spirits, according to the red mediums, who translate their unknown language, call themselves even more ancient and identify themselves as ancient Phoenicians, Japanese, Tartars and Arabs who came on different occasions, by tribes at a time when the Bering Strait did not exist, America and Asia formed a single continent

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The History of New France, by Charlevoix, - from a letter written by Mr. Larrabée, Wisconsin's chief-justice, to Governor Tallmage.

I had a conversation last week with L. John from the Bay, whom I know a little bit. He spent his entire life among the Indians, and was, for several years, agent of the American Fur Company. He told me several facts that prove that communications with inhabitants of the other world are very common among Indians.

He told me that on various occasions he saw an Indian practitioner build three huts and drive their piles into the ground, and that he covered them with buckskins forming small tents that could only be occupied by one sitting person. These tents were placed about two feet apart. In one, the practitioner placed his moccasins, in the other, his gaiters, and he positioned himself in the middle one. So any Indian who wanted to converse with a brave deceased person would ask his questions. As soon as the tents began to lean over, as if they had been shaken by someone inside, voices were heard coming out of both and sometimes all three at the same time.

These sounds were only understood by the practitioner who translated them. Du Bay says he grabbed these tents quite often and used all his strength to stop their movement, but to no avail, so he lifted the skins, and made sure there was no one inside to cause the movements.

Du Bay also told me some examples of the clairvoyant power of these practitioners. A few years ago, he arrived at a trading post on the Wisconsin Falls. He was waiting there for another merchant, who had to come from a post further north on Lake Superior. He had been waiting in vain for a few days, when the practitioner offered to tell him when his friend would arrive. The proposal was accepted, with some doubt.

The practitioner sat on the lawn and covered his head with his blankets. After a few minutes he got up and said: - Tomorrow the clouds will cover the sky but, when the sun is about to set, you will see a clear space, and in that space, the sun. So if you look over there, the point of land on the opposite side of the lakes, you will see your friend coming.

The next day, as he had predicted, the sky was cloudy until sunset; then the clouds dissipated and the sun appeared. Du Bay looked at the mentioned point, but did not see his merchant arrive. He went back to the red practitioner and started joking. He only answered: - I will see. -

Then, sitting down like the day before, for a moment and getting up, he said: - "In five minutes, you will see him" - At the end of this period, said Du Bay, my man appeared and soon reached the post.


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